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What's your name and age? L 22
Where are you from? Small town in Ma.
Have you ever tried to wast0r your life?Yes, but I was not very smart then and I did not know that household pills are a waste of time. If so, are you still suicidal and would you try it again? I am going to kill myself on October 31st of this year. I know this is strange but this journal is to give account to the last days of my life. I am not looking for pitty and please don't try to convince me not too or you will be wasting your breath.
How depressed are you on a scale of 1-5, whereby 1 would be 'not very' and 5 would be 'very depressed'? 5
If you were a colour what colour would you be?hmmmph I guess I would be green because it blends in. I don't like to stand out.
Describe your personal style. I don't really have a style. I wear clothes that hide my body.
List your top three bands. cursive, the beatles, and bright eyes
Post a minimum of two pictures of yoursen. I can not post pictures of myself for 2 reasons. I do not have a scanner or digital camera and I am trying to be anonymous.

Okay, add me if you would like but please remember that I do not want pitty and I will ignore any post that is encouraging me to live.
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