arizonadreaming (arizonadreaming) wrote in suicide_chic,

What's your name and age? Kacie, 15
Where are you from? Kennett Square, PA
Have you ever tried to wast0r your life? If so, are you still suicidal and would you try it again? Yes, ive tried twice. And yes, i still am, but i would not try it again.
How depressed are you on a scale of 1-5, whereby 1 would be 'not very' and 5 would be 'very depressed'? 3.
If you were a colour what colour would you be? black or silver
Describe your personal style. thrift stores, band shirts, jeans, chucks. <3
List your top three bands.= Bleed The Dream, Action Action, The Used
Post a minimum of two pictures of yourself.

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